Hifz program – TTH

The Hifz program is designed to enable students memorize the Quran. Within 3 years of it’s existence, over 12 hufaz have been produced by this unique program and more are set to be graduated.

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After School Program - TTQ

After school program focusses on the the Qur’an recitation. The program is intended to conventiently run after regular school hours. It runs from Monday – Friday, 6:00pm till 7:30pm.

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Saturday School Program - TTY

This program is designed for kids that cannot attend the after school weekday program. Although this program is once a week, it is the bedrock from which other programs emanate. The one day program focuses on Quran reading and islamic knowledge.

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Study Hifz Abroad

For parents looking for more immersive yet fun route to memorizing the Qur’an, students can study in Egypt. A few of our students have gone through this program and have been able to memorize 160 hadith of the Holy Prophet (S.A.W).

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Alim Program

In an effort to making our hufaz more well-rounded in islamic knowledge, Alim program delivers advance knowledge in hadith, seerah, arabic language, fiqh e.t.c.

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Summer School

The summer program is an extension of the normal after school program. It gives students the opportunity to go further in their Quran reading and islamic studies.

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