Composition of General Assembly

The General Assembly (GA) shall be constituted in a meeting of all registered, honorary, associate and nominal members of the organization. There shall be at least three (3) General Assembly in a year, where as much as practicable, decision shall be by consultation and consensus; but if required, a majority vote shall be required for approval of any action, except as otherwise specified in these By- Laws.

Composition of BOT

The Board of Trustees (BOT) shall comprise declared Muslims. Trustees shall have lifestyles of honourable Muslims. The outlook of the Trustees shall transcend race, ethnicity and culture. The BOT shall comprise nine (9) members including a Chairman and a Secretary. No two family members can serve on the BOT at the same time.
The Shura Council (SC) shall be the major decision making apparatus of the organization. The Shura Council (SC) shall comprise of nine (9) people as follows:
  1. Imam (Chairman)
  2. The Administrative Coordinator
  3. Women Coordinator
  4. Imam Advisory Council Representative
  5. Endownment (Mumineen Foundation) Representative
  6. Zakat (Mumineen Relief) Representative
  7. Education (TTY) Representative
  8. Elders’ Forum Representative
  9. Youth Representative, who must be at least 25 years old at the time of his/her appointment to the Council.